photolithography processing system solutions

for markets such as semiconductor, MEMS, nanotechnology and flat-panel display.


We provide a wide range of optimized front- and back-end solutions used in the processing of a variety of substrates.


Main fields of application

Semiconductor process equipment

÷ Resist-, Wet-, Temperature- and Gas phase substrate processing
÷ Post Chemical Mechanical Polishing Clean (CMP)
÷ Spin on glass (SOG), on dielectric (SOD) cluster systems

MEMS equipment

÷ Resist-, Wet- and Temperature- processing
÷ Cleaning and Post CMP Clean
÷ Temporary bonding & Debonding

Flat panel display equipment

÷ Resist-, Wet- and Temperature processing

Nanotechnology equipment (Graphene & Nanotubes)

÷ Graphene transfer system
÷ Coating, cleaning and etching
÷ Temporary bonding & Debonding

Packaging equipment

÷ Coating, developing and etching
÷ Dispense systems

Chemicals & Solids

÷ Solvent based adhesive
÷ Water based adhesive
÷ Specialty layers


÷ Chucks for wafer and other substrates
÷ Spare parts


÷ Dispense systems: Fluid pumps, syringes and others
÷ Vacuum drying and out gassing systems