photolithography processing systems


used in industries such as semiconductors, micro OLED, microsystems (MEMS), glass and optical components.



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Notion Systems & Osiris International announce strategic partnership

Notion Systems GmbH & Osiris International GmbH are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership. The partnership will cover the integration and design of process systems in the semiconductor industry utilizing Notion’s leading inkjet printing tools with Osiris’ world class automation and semiconductor process systems.

Inkjet technology’s role in semiconductor manufacturing is rapidly increasing. The specialized knowledge each firm brings to this partnership allows for the potential development of fully integrated systems in the area of inkjet processing in the manufacture of semiconductors.

"Inkjet printing provides significant advantages in semiconductor manufacturing. Due to the digital and selective coating technology we are able to reduce process steps, save expensive materials and realize processes that haven’t been possible in the past", says Dr. Kai Keller, Director Business Development of Notion.

"The Notion-Osiris partnership is a powerful combination. Notion´s understanding of complex inkjet processes and our longstanding know-how in automation and semiconductor processes for silicon and glass wafers is very unique in the industry. We believe this helps to generate industry leading technology products and platforms," says Pirmin Muffler, Founder & CEO of Osiris.

It is envisioned that through the partnership better tools and machines can be developed, which can solve existing process and manufacturing challenges. It is planned that a common sales network will be created to promote the jointly developed equipment.

For further information:

Notion System GmbH
Notion Systems GmbH is a leading supplier of industrial ink jet printing equipment. The Notion n.jet platform is used to produce semiconductor & sensors, printed circuit boards, OLED & QLED displays and high-quality 3D parts like optical lenses.

Notion Systems GmbH
Carl-Benz-Straße 22a
D-68723 Schwetzingen
P: +49 6202 57877-81

Osiris International GmbH
Osiris International GmbH is a manufacturer of machines specializing in photolithographic process equipment used in semiconductor and microsystems (MEMS) technology.

Osiris International GmbH
Josef-Schüttler-Str. 2
D-78224 Singen
P: +49 7731 16 995 0

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